Safeway Construction Enterprises, LLC

Safeway Construction Enterprises, LLC
Safeway Construction Enterprises, LLC
54-60 44th Street | Maspeth, NY 11378 | 718.349.6645
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Who We Are

Safeway Construction Enterprises is a site development and utilities contractor serving municipalities and private sector construction companies and developers in the greater New York metropolitan area.

Among the fewer-than-ten contractors certified by ConEd to work with live gas, Safeway was one of the first site development companies to respond when the Twin Towers were attacked on 9/11. Areas of expertise include:

  • Underground installation, replacement and repair services relating to gas, water, steam, electrical conduit, and telecommunications transmission
  • Installing both precast and custom field-constructed vaults, service boxes, manholes, castings, and other utility structures
  • Consulting services including cost estimating, all phases of construction management, and administrative support
  • Trenchless technology completion without any disturbance to other utilites
  • Rental of new, ConEd-certified equipment

Dense urban locales like midtown Manhattan are common work zones for Safeway. We adhere rigorously to best health and safety practices to protect the health and safety of our workers and others who come into the proximity of our worksites.

Safeway's financial security allows us access to a very high bond rating, so no project is beyond our reach. Our emergency response teams are available around-the clock.